Direction for Friends & Families

Offering practical and emotional support.

If you know someone who has been in prison or affected by the criminal justice system, using our confidential service we can find you the help and advice you need.   

This free service works closely with an extensive network of resources and organisations available in the Bedfordshire area that can offer you financial advice, mentoring help, housing and homeless information, show you how to find employment and training, and advise you on health and wellbeing matters including drugs and alcohol. 

This is a dedicated, confidential service that provides you with free advice and guidance if you’re facing problems in various aspects of your life because of a criminal record.

Direction provides you with a comprehensive source of information whether you’re an ex-offender, or a family member or friend, and covers a wide range of issues that criminal convictions can affect and encourages a crime free life.

This is a service that can help you plan and design your own future.  We support resettlement after leaving prison, provide the necessary resources to improve your self-esteem, future outlook and help you transform your life.