Here to help offenders, families and friends

Direction for Bedfordshire is the way forward; providing a free and confidential service to help offenders, their families and friends, and professionals

Direction for Bedfordshire is an online information and advice service linking to a database of partners and organisations from the voluntary sector who are working together to support offenders, ex-offenders and their families; including specialist providers who can point you in the right direction for the help you need. We recognise that vulnerable and marginalised people can also be at risk of offending, and therefore we want to be a positive resource for these individuals as well. We want to act as a preventative tool in these cases to address problems in their early stages to reduce the likelihood of crime.

Direction offers advice around options for education, training and work. It supports you in finding housing and provides advice about homelessness. We work with organisations to help improve the quality of life of offenders and their families affected by drug and alcohol use, provide information on funders who are interested in individual support, membership organisations supporting the well-being of prisoners’ families and helps support and advise on finances for people with convictions.

Family members and friends are often the main source of emotional, practical and financial support for offenders. The impact of a family member’s imprisonment can be considerable and Direction is here to support them when they need it.

Direction for Bedfordshire also benefits all sections of society in Bedfordshire by reducing levels of crime.

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Direction for Bedfordshire has been created and developed in association with YouTurnFutures which is an independent charity launched in 2014 in response to the government’s Transforming Rehabilitation agenda. The contact information and web-links to services on this website have been provided by YouTurnFutures: www.youturnfutures.com